Sunday, 24 February 2019

An Ocean Of Lies On Venezuela.

        When will the so called "free press" start to publish facts instead of  pumping out propaganda and illusion to support the wealthy and powerful? Get used to it, never, the so called "free press" will see us all drown in a sea of lies, they are owned by the wealthy and powerful and are a tool in the control of the world's resources.  Venezuela is a very rich country with an abundance of natural resources, and that's the problem. To the corporate moguls those resources should be in their hands to be exploited for their personal gain, not spent on improving the lives of ordinary people. They will raise hell and high water to get their greedy grasping hands on that wealth and the suffering and death of millions is just collateral damage, to them, a price worth paying.
         In this video, the UN Investigator and Human Rights Rapporteur Alfred De Zayas, exposes the callously planned coup against Venezuela, executed by the strangling a nation and its people, by the corporate gangsters and the financial Mafia, aided and abetted US imperial military might. Thanks Loam for the link.

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  1. There is a poison that directly impacts the antennae of the ants. This causes them to be disoriented and that the entire anthill, plunged into chaos, collapse. On a human scale, it is not an exaggeration to say that this poison today is the media in the hands of the corrupt corporations, which have no greater esteem for human beings than for ants.

    There are those who think that these networks, which modestly web surfers weave, are useless, but they are wrong: they are the antidote to the poisonous propaganda with which they try to confuse us. In a sea of poison, perhaps a drop of antidote is little, but many drops together can face the poison with increasing success. Drop by drop, rain makes lakes and torrential rivers.

    Peoples of the world unite!