Thursday, 21 February 2019

The Clock Is Ticking, Let's Not Miss The Moment.

      To those with their eyes open it is obvious that the present economic system is not intended, nor will it ever, function in the interests of the ordinary people. Across the world we see poverty and deprivation grow, we see man made ecological disasters burst like fireworks across the planet, we are witness to bloody savage wars that only serve the wealthy and the powerful, and heap misery, anguish and death on millions of innocent people, yet this economic system of insanity and greed persists, why?
     It will not, of its own accord, desist from this path of brutal lunacy, as it functions as it was intended, to enrich the few at the expense of the many. Those in control of this plundering machine are doing very well, and will continue their road to ever greater grandiose life styles and opulent trinkets such as private jets and multi-million pound yachts. It will take what ever means are available to it, to crush any form of resistance to is hegemony. A Change or modification to the system is a futile pipe dream and will come to nothing, the only answer lies in its total destruction. That destruction will only come from us, the ordinary people who have the humanity and the courage to take it on in a full frontal, determined effort to smash this system of greed, and designate it to the history museum of human folly and tragedy and remember it as humanity's darkest hour. There are two classes in this world, those who control the wealth, power and resources of this planet, and those who are excluded from that cabal, you have to decide which class you belong to and act accordingly, it is a class war. There is a choice, a tomorrow with equality, justice and freedom, or a tomorrow as a slave to poverty and deprivation, at the beck and call of the corporate juggernaut, however, the time to choose is fast running out.

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