Sunday, 10 February 2019

Yea, More On Venezuela.

      Yea, more on Venezuela, and why not, we need solidarity across borders, just as the corporate juggernaut and the financial Mafia don't recongnise borders, so why should we? It is people just like you and I, office workers, joiners, teachers, bus drivers, etc. that are at the receiving end of this callous and vicious maneuver to install a compliant puppet government that will facilitate the corporate grab of the countries natural resources. While at the same time putting this a "proof" that socialism doesn't work. I'm not spouting to support Maduros and his disciples, but to stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela, and allow them to sort out their problems without the interference of the greed driven billionaires from across their borders, who are backed up by the military of the cabal of America and its puppets, and trumpeted loudly by the mainstream media, whose job it is to create a favourable false reality.
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  1. I'm not spouting to support Maduro and his disciples ider, but if the coup succeeds in Venezuela, the weak thread of international law will be broken forever, leaving hands free to the criminal global oligarchy. It is not about Maduro, it is about the people of Venezuela, Latin America and the rest of the world.
    Therefore, our focus is now on Venezuela and France, where a revolution is possibly brewing. A revolution that the media try to avoid desperately.