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Power Mongers Never Give Birth To Democracy.

      A little more on Venezuela, after all it is a possible flash point for more misery to be heaped on the heads of an already suffering population in the shape of foreign troops intervention, civil war, or both. One of the main problems is that all the moves in this power game are being called by a rich and wealthy elite in other countries, all with a vested interest in the resources of Venezuela, none of the external voices have the interests of the people of that country in there plans.
      Of course it is impossible to ask the powerful imperialists of this world to stay away and let the people of Venezuela decide their own future. They see wealth, and opportunities for grabbing resources, and in this economic madhouse, from wealth comes power.
      This not me waving the flag for the Maduros government, on the contrary, it is an attempt to highlight how the powerful imperialist powers demand that they are in control. The only real answer to the "Venezuela problem" is for the people of that country to decide how they want to run their lives, without external interference.  
Again from Information Clearing House:

        For some months now, Venezuela’s socialist government has lurched through a series of escalating crises — hyperinflation, mass protests, political violence — while both the government and its opposition have flirted with authoritarianism. It isn’t pretty — and to hear the right wing tell it, it’s the future the U.S. left wants for our own country. As if to prevent that, the Trump administration is now fomenting a coup in Venezuela.
     They’ve publicly recognized an unelected opposition leader as president, discussed coup plans with Venezuela’s military, and sanctioned oil revenues the country needs to resolve its economic crisis. They’re even threatening to send U.S. troops. They’ll tell you this about restoring “democracy” and “human rights” in the South American country. But one look at the administration officials driving the putsch perishes the thought.
      Take Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who recently spoke at the United Nations calling on countries to stand “with the forces of freedom” against “the mayhem” of Venezuela’s government.
      This fall, the same Pompeo shared a photo of himself beaming and shaking hands with Saudi Arabia’s crown prince — just as the prince’s order to kill and dismember a U.S. resident journalist was coming to light. The same prince is carrying on a U.S.-backed war in Yemen, where millions are starving. Does this sound like a man who gives one fig for democracy, or against mayhem?
     Or take Pompeo’s point man on Venezuela, the dreaded Elliott Abrams. Pompeo said Abrams was appointed for his “passion for the rights and liberties of all peoples.” More likely, it was Abrams’ history as Reagan’s “Secretary of Dirty Wars” (yes, that’s a real thing people called him).
      A singularly villainous figure, Abrams vouched for U.S. backing of a genocidal Guatemalan regime and Salvadoran death squads in the 1980s. And when a UN report cataloged 22,000 atrocities in El Salvador, Abrams praised his administration’s “fabulous achievement” in the country. Abrams was convicted of lying to Congress about U.S. support for Nicaragua’s brutal Contras, but that didn’t prevent him from serving in George W. Bush’s State Department — which backed not only the Iraq war but an earlier coup attempt in, you guessed it, Venezuela. “It’s very nice to be back,” Abrams told reporters. I bet!
      Finally there’s National Security Adviser John Bolton, who recently took a cute photo with the words “5,000 troops” written on a notepad. Bolton still thinks the Iraq war was a good idea, and he’d like one with Iran too. Do we think it’s bread and roses he wants for Venezuela?
       For all its faults, Venezuela achieved tremendous things before the current crisis — including drastic reductions in poverty and improvements in living standards. Mismanagement and repression may have imperiled those gains, but that’s no justification at all for the U.S. getting involved. In fact, U.S. sanctions have worsened the economic crisis, and U.S. coordination with coup plotters has poisoned the country’s political environment even further. The future of Venezuela’s revolution is for Venezuelans to decide, not us. All that can come of more intervention now is more crisis, and maybe even war.
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  1. So sad that Canada is fully involved in this illegal regime change operation. We have not had independent foreign policy in my lifetime.

    We are a US puppet state, in other words, wrong on every issue. Every single one.

    Our "democracy" is holding an election this year, but there is literally no one worth voting for. As in other so-called democracies, it is all a set up, a scam, a farce.

    What to do? Need some direct action ideas.

    I really like Information Clearing House. Thank you for sharing from that source. is pretty good, too.

    Thank you for continuing to be a source of logic and sensibility in a world gone completely mad.