Monday, 4 February 2019

By Our Tolerance, We Are Complicit.

      I recently read an article decrying the plight of the people of Greece and stating that due to the dire economic situation in Greece, 25.7% of Greeks are unable to heat their homes adequately. It pointed out that this was among the highest in Europe. Bulgaria at 37% being the worst, followed by Lithuania 29%, Cyprus 23% and Portugal 20%. Shocking figures which are indicators of misery and deprivation across rich Europe.
       Of course you and I know that under the capitalist system, being in a rich union of countries or in a very rich country does not eliminate poverty and deprivation. Take the VERY rich UK, recent government figures reveal that we in the UK are among the top raft of fuel poverty citizens in Europe. In the first four years since the Conservative Oxbridge brigade took control of our political machine in 2010, fuel poverty has risen by 9%. During the coldest spell of the 2017/18 winter it is estimated that more than 50,000 died from cold related problems, the worst figure for 40 years.
      The study also found that as well as turning down the heating to save money. 25% were scrimping on food. It is obvious that with rising prices and benefits and real wages shrinking, fuel poverty is going to increase. The fuel poverty rate for the UK, 2015, was 17% (Wikipedia) energy prices have continued to rise well above the rate of wages, this can only add more pressure to the struggling homes.
     All this is a further indictment of this economic madness, the UK, 5th. richest country in the world is among the worst for fuel poverty in Europe, when compared to the lowest rates of fuel poverty in Europe of around 2% in Austria, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
      In a sea of wealth, we tolerate a system of inequality, exploitation, poverty and deprivation, where people queue at food banks, and die from the cold. Our tolerance makes us complicit in their deprivation and deaths. The wonder of capitalism and the "market forces".
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