Monday, 2 September 2019

Modern Democracy At Work.

       The storm-troopers of the Greek state are continuing and intensifying their savage attacks in Exarcheia, in central Athens. This sustained brutal attack is an attempt by the state to crush those who would dare to live outside the authoritarian dictates of the right-wing state. An attack on those who wish to live their lives in mutual aid, co-operation, self help and assistance to those in need, without the interference and the shackles of the state.
     The latest savagery was an attack on the social centre K-Vox, which I have visited several times, and was inspired. It was an old cinema, but is now an autonomous social space with a cafe, meeting rooms and a free to all, health centre in the basement. This is the type of structure that the state can't countenance, as it is outside their strangling control, control is everything to the state. 
      We should be alive to what is happening in Exarcheia, it is just another example of how any so called democracy can move in with crushing violence on those who wish to live their own lives in their own manner. Accept its dictates or suffer the consequences, is their mantra.
      This from Enough Is Enough:

        Written by Riot Turtle.
Modern democracy at work.

         On Monday riot cops evicted four squats in the Exarcheia district in Athens. But the cops did not retreat from the area after the evictions. The district is still occupied by state forces. Last night they attacked the K*Vox social center. One person suffered head injuries and was transferred to a hospital in the Greek capital.
Before that, riot cops were attacked in the area. The Anarchist migrants Facebook page published the following text: “A group of 50 anarchists attacked MAT at tositsa/trikoupi streets around 00:30(tonight) Riot had continued from tositsa/trikoupi to trikoupi and exarchia square with more participaters(a after a few minutes from start)because exarchia square was full of people. When the cops entered next to exarchia square, started to smash the windows of K*VOX and throwing tear gases inside the place. Rioters comrades left the area safe without arrestion. 10 minutes after the riot, MAT from their point in PASOUK, started to come more inside exarchia and terrorize the area by their presence.”
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  1. I don't know if we'll see it, but the day will come ...

  2. How many dis-empowered, marginalised, downtrodden, and poverty stricken will continue to accept their lot, hopefully there will be a tipping point when they say, "Enough is enough".