Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Health Or Profit.

      We are all aware that in this capitalist economic system, profit will always be worth more than human health and well being. This has been the pattern through the years, industries come with dreadful health problems for the workers and in lots of cases for the public living around those industries, it should be labelled, murder for profit. The fight to clean them up and protect workers and the public at large is always long, and is not always successful. Today we are still suffering dreadful health problems because the system still puts profit before the health and well-being of the people. To remedy this situation for once and for all, we have to remove the source of the problem, the capitalist system and its never ending greed for profit at any cost.
Industrial diseases 1:
The following from Act For Freedom Now: 

     Mpeos AGET and government officials, all the bastards are working together
    For years now the city of Volos stinks of melted plastic. The percentage of cancer and cardio-respiratory problems keeps rising. The people of Volos have demanded a stop to the burning of garbage and the degradation of our lives in mass demonstrations and protests.
      Local authorities (municipal & regional) not only do not share the citizens’ demands but try by all means to increase profitability for the multinationals to the detriment of society and nature.
       On June 13 the authorities using their dogs tried to suppress the movement against the burning/processing of garbage with brutal violence, gases and beatings while already set-up prosecutions followed, non-typical investigations in homes and workplaces. The culmination of their repressive attack was the extreme lynching and torture of our friend and comrade Vassilis Maggos. Following the untimely death of Vassilis, our limits have long been surpassed!
In the early hours of Thursday and Friday 17/07/2020 we attacked the building of the Regional Centre of Magnesia with axe and fire, lighting up a little the dark summer night and disrupting the peace of uniformed -or not- State dogs. It was a sample, a minimal form of counter-violence against the policies practiced by municipal and regional authorities, a small reminder that we are moving around at night ready for everything!
An answer to police and judicial arbitrariness!

Even if we may never win, we will always fight!

Vassilis Maggos Presente!
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