Thursday, 23 July 2020

Their Rules.

       Today, more than ever it is blatantly obvious that freedom is born of struggle, it can never be a gift from some high and mighty authority. The riots and mass protests on the streets of country after country across the world, are testament to this need for struggle to gain our freedom. The following is a wee compilation of a couple of wee articles I wrote some three years ago, what they say may have been obvious back then, but now I believe what they say is irrefutable as the states across the planet create more and more surveillance and militarised policing, and come down harder and harder on those who would dare to protest the state's authority.

        It should be obvious to any observer of the present economic system that rules this world, that it can't be reformed. Capitalism can't be converted into a caring compassionate, system that sees to the needs of all our people. Its basis is self gain based on the exploitation of others, others are there to be profited from, not cared for. So running to a ballot box putting down your mark, against a chosen party disciple, will not bring about the compassionate capitalism you hope for, nor will petitioning the political ballerinas that hold the reins of power because of that ballot paper.
        The creation of that better world for all, must take place outside the rules of capitalism, and outside the legislation of the capitalist minders, the state. The change has to happen among the people, by the people, in their communities and workplaces, in spite of, and in opposition to, the structures created by this enslaving economic system. We have no rules, we create structures and strategies as we develop, our needs will determine the shape of our new society, after we have built a bonfire of all the rules and legislations that bind us as units of profit, and as subservient units of the state.
     Those who confront the injustices of this greed driven capitalist system, openly and head on, often pay a high price. For some the price is their life, others it is being locked up in the various states' cages of repression. All deserve our unending solidarity, if our aim is to build a world of fairness for all our people. The state will not relinquish its authoritarian power willing, it will never offer the people freedom, it will not fade away quietly. It will fiercely attempt to crush all and any flowering of freedom and self determination, it can only survive by our subservience, our freedom and justice can only blossom from its ruins.
       Today's rule book was written by the enemies of freedom, we must tear it up and burn it along with all the other structures of the capitalist system.
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