Wednesday, 22 July 2020


        This pandemic has slowed down our work at Spirit of Revolt, but we are still doing what we can, We have just completed our first virtual Show and Tell outreach event, and it proved to be a success. We were privileged in having anarchist, writer, historian, Máirtín Ó Catháin, as speaker followed by a discussion, question and answer session. The subject matter was Belfast, Glasgow anarchism. The video of this event will soon be available on our website, so keep popping in to have a look.
     We are also still able to post our "Read of the Month". So, July "Read of the Month" is a little known news-sheet from our Bratach Dubh Collection called Scream!: A voice of the youth movement. Youth Information Network. issue 1.   
      Today more than ever we need to communicate with youth in our society, there has to be a dialogue between the generations, each learning form the other and adding to our sum total of knowledge and desires, to take on the struggles that we are facing in the coming months and beyond.  The young will probably be he hardest hit in the new “normal” that we are about to face. Solidarity between the generations is the only weapon that can bring us success.

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