Saturday, 25 July 2020

Another Lie.

        Look at the image carefully, look closely at the names and the business empires that they are associated with and ask yourself, "Are these the people and bodies that we can trust to take care of the planet?". The very same group that has and is destroying the planet for nothing more than greed for profit. The same corporate bodies that are ever looking for new ways and means of increasing their wealth and power irrespective of the cost to planet and people.
        These are the groups that are tasked with creating "Protected Areas" and the "New Deal For Nature". Surely history tells us something, and the history of this gang of ruthless thugs are hardly likely to in any way jeopardise their flow of greed driven profits. The very fact that this bunch of robbing vandals are collected in one organisation should have us running to join protest groups across the planet. New Deal For Nature is just another one of those big fat lies dressed up in a green disguise, capitalists are not planet savers, they are planet destroyers.
The following is an extract from another interesting article in ACORN:
     Protecting the environment has surely got to be A Good Thing.
     Creating “protected areas” for nature in various parts of the world might therefore seem to be a positive move.
     However, when these areas are being promoted by the same capitalist system which brought nature to her knees in the first place, the alarm lights start flashing!
       Protected Areas” are in fact one aspect of the global capitalist scam being sold to us under the label of the ‘New Deal for Nature’.
     Because, in typical capitalist style, this scam has been wrapped up in shiny green packaging and promoted by the well-known WWF, the New Deal for Nature initially attracted little opposition.
      But in recent weeks, thanks to the truth-spreading efforts of the No Deal for Nature campaign and its supporters, support has been slipping away.
     The human rights charity Survival International has been doing a great job of blowing the whistle on what is nothing other than a new phase of industrial capitalist imperialism, aiming to displace indigenous peoples and further exploit Mother Nature for the profit of the usual tiny and greedy elite.
   Warns Survival director Stephen Corry: “The latest idea to be heavily promoted by big conservation NGOs is doubling the world’s so-called ‘Protected Areas’ (PAs) so that they cover thirty percent of the globe’s lands and oceans.
    “This is now their main rallying cry and response to two of the world’s biggest problems — climate chaos and loss of biodiversity.
     “It’s a marketing gimmick designed to funnel even more money to those who have for decades demonstrated their failure to mitigate either climate change or biodiversity loss.
    “Many PAs aren’t really protected at all. They include industrial exploitation — mining, logging, plantations, trophy hunting concessions, or extensive, usually high-end, tourist infrastructure.
      “The locals are thrown out as the land is grabbed by one or other industry, partnering with one or other big conservation NGO.
     “It’s a new colonialism, the world’s biggest land grab, supposedly ‘green’ and supposedly to save the world — a really big lie. As Odette, a Baka woman from Congo, says of such imposed conservation projects which don’t work, ‘We’ve had enough of this talk of ‘boundaries’ in the forest. The forest is ours’.”
     The alert is also being sounded via the World Rainforest Movement, notably in a statement entitled “Protected Areas feed corporate profiting and destruction”.
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