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     As the rich countries of the world rip off the continent of Africa and the people of that continent descend into a life of continuous hell through famine, war, and total deprivation, there is that steady stream of brave individuals who try to make the journey to what they believe will be a better life in Europe. Of course Europe wants the riches of Africa and some of its cheap labour but it also wants to pick and choose who it lets across its borders, and is not too bother what happens to those not chosen. As the powers that be in Europe tighten their borders in an attempt to hold on to their privileged position of power and wealth, the deaths of thousands of migrants is the result. The list below is just the tip of the iceberg a more detailed account can be found  here.
     We have a responsibility to all migrants, they live at the harsher end of the same system as we do and are doing what we are trying to do, survive in this harsh and unjust and exploitive system. These figures reinforce the proof that the state is the enemy and all borders are an injustice.

27/10/09 Greece Boat sinks off Lesvos island. Three women and 5 children – all Afghans - were reported to be drowned AP

26/10/09 Italy 300 Eritreans and Somalis landed in Sicily after 5 days in the stormy sea. One man found dead on board Repubblica

07/10/09 Italy Migrants arrival in Gela, Sicily. Three bodies were recovered from the sea. Three other people were reported to be missing Ansa

23/09/09 Egypt Egyptian police shot dead one Eritrean trying to cross into Israel Reuters

19/09/09 Morocco Shipwreck off the island of Perejil. 8 bodies recovered, other 21 people were reported to be missing Reuters

16/09/09 Egypt Egyptian police shot dead two Eritrean refugees trying to cross into Israel Reuters

09/09/09 Egypt Egyptian police shot dead 4 African migrants as they tried to slip across the Sinai desert border into Israel. Here, at least 12 African migrants have been killed since May 2009 Reuters

01/09/09 Egypt Egyptian police shot and killed an African migrant near the border with Israel and seriously wounded an 18 years old women Reuters

31/08/09 Spain Boat landed in Canary island, in Granadilla (Tenerife), one dead onboard El Pais

29/08/09 Malta Body found off Bizzerbugia. It could be one of the passengers of the boat rescued two days before in the same area Ansa

27/08/09 Malta Migrants boat rescued off Malta, the body of a dead man was found in the sea during the operations Ansa

22/08/09 Italy The lifeless body of a man was found off Linosa, 24 miles on the north of Lampedusa Repubblica

20/08/09 Italia Five Eritreans rescued 12 miles south off Lampedusa claimed 75 passengers of the same boat have died during the 20 days spent going adrift in the Mediterranean, between Libyan and Italian shores. Their bodies were thrown in the sea by the survivors. Malta's authorities found 7 bodies in the open sea Ansa

20/08/09 Italy A man hidden under a truck just disembarked in the port of Brindisi, fall on the road and died immediately Ansa

09/08/09 Libya Libyan police killed at least 6 Somali refugees after a fight against a group of refugees who tried to escape from the detention camp of Ganfuda, near Benghazi. Other sources reported the victims would be 20 Fortress Europe

13/08/09 Greece Two bodies were recovered from the sea off the coast of the eastern Aegean island of Kos while another three people were reported to be missing Kathimerini

11/08/09 Spain Body found near Cartagena, between Cabo de Agua and the island of Escombreras La Verdad

10/08/09 Italy A boat broke the engine three miles off the island of Pantelleria. Four of the nine passengers try to cover the distance by swimming. One of them is reported to be missing Ansa

07/08/09 Greece Body found at Igoumenitsa port. He sneaked onto a truck believing it was about to board a ferry for Italy and he died after he jumped off when it appears that the truck was headed for mainland Greece Kathimerini

06/08/09 Algeria A migrant died after an Algerian coast guard vessel collided with a boat carrying migrants to Sardinia El Watan

31/07/09 Egypt Egypt police kill African migrant at Israel border. At least seven African migrants have been killed at the border since mid-May Reuters

27/07/09 Greece The Kurd refugee from Iraq Arivan Abdullah Osman who had been severly injured on the 3rd of April at Igoumenitsa port by Port police, while trying to reach Italy, died today at Thessaloniki hospital Reuters

27/07/09 Spain Parts of a body in advanced state of decomposition were found along La Fontanilla de Marbella beach, where one week before a dead body was recovered Sur

24/07/09 Spain One man is reported to be missing after he fell in the water during a rescue operation in front of Manilva coast, close to Malaga Sur

23/07/09 Turkey Three people killed in a road accident of a truck smuggling migrants near Kulp, in Diyarbakır province France Presse

22/07/09 Spain A dead body was recovered on the beach of La Fontanilla de Marbella Sur

17/07/09 Spain Lifeless body found in Cadiz sea, in front of Barbate. It could be the tenth victim of the shipwreck of June 29 Sur

15/07/09 Spain A third passenger of the migrants boat landed in Canary have died in the hospital of El Hierro Diario de Navarra

15/07/09 Spain Migrants boat landed in the Canary island of El Hierro. One dead on board. A second man died soon after his hospitalization Diario de Navarra

03/07/09 Egitto Egyptian police shot dead two Somali migrants on Thursday who tried to slip across the Sinai desert border into Israel Reuters

30/06/09 Spain 8 people were drowned, including 2 women, after a boat capsized in front of the coast of Barbate, near Cadiz El Mundo

28/06/09 Egypt Egyptian police shot dead an African migrant and wounded two others, including a 15-year-old, at the Israeli border Reuters

24/06/09 Egypt Egyptian police shot dead a migrant at the Israel border in the Sinai desert. The victim, thought to be in his 20s, was the third killed since mid-May Reuters

23/06/09 Italy Amir Rohol, a 19 years old Afghan, died after having fallen from a truck disembarked in the port of Ancona Ansa

17/06/09 Spain Migrants boat rescued off Murcia. A man is dead and a second one is reported to be missing Ansa

04/06/09 Spain At least 18 people reported to be missing after their boat capsized 18 km from Tarifa (Cádiz) El Pais

03/06/09 Spain A cargo ship intercepted the corpse of a drowned migrant off Cabo de Gata, in Andalucia La Verdad de Murcia

02/06/09 Egypt Egyptian police killed an African migrant near Israel border along the Sinai. A second one was shot in the back and is in critical conditions Reuters

22/05/09 Italy The lifeless body of a migrant was found in the sea near the island of Cavoli, along the south eastern coast of Sardinia Ansa

02/05/09 Italy One of the 140 migrants rescued two weeks before by the Turkish Pinar cargo ship, died at the hospital of Caltanisseta for meningitis Ansa

30/04/09 Spain One of the passenger of a boat intercepted the day before 14 miles from Tarifa (Cádiz), died in the hospital of Isla de las Palomas El Mundo

23/04/09 Spain Two dead bodies were found in the Strait of Gibraltar by the Spanish Coast Guard Diario de Navarra

20/04/09 Spain One man drowned during the rescue operations of a boat departed from Senegal and directed to Canary islands, 27 miles off Nouadhibou El Dia

16/04/09 Italy 140 migrants rescued off Lampedusa by the Turkish Pinar cargo ship. During the operations, one 18 years old pregnant woman drowned Repubblica

08/04/09 Italy Migrants boat rescued by the Italian fishing boat Cesare Rustico, capsized. 3 people missing Ansa

05/04/09 France The dead body of a migrant was found in the Channel’s tunnel, died after he felt from the train under which he was travelling hidden towards England Le Monde

03/04/09 Italy Two bodies found on a migrants’ boat intercepted 60 miles south of Lampedusa Apcom

29/03/09 Italy An Iraqi was found dead in the port of Ancona, inside a Greek ferry coming from Patras, where he was embarked hidden under a truck Ansa

29/03/09 Libya Migrants boat sank off Said Biilal Janzur, a suburb of Tripoli, from where it had left three hours before. 20 bodies were recovered, while 210 people were reported to be missing Ansa

27/03/09 Spain According to the ngo Asociación Pro-Derechos Humanos de Andalucía, at least 581 migrants have died in 2008 trying to reach Spain: 239 off the Canary islands and 342 in the Mediterranean Apdha

26/03/09 Italy A migrant was found dead in the port of Venice, hidden inside a truck emarked on the Hellenic Master ferry, coming from Greece Gazzettino

26/03/09 Algeria According to the Nigeria’s Ambassador to Algeria, 14 people died in the desert after they got lost, ran out of fuel and water Nigerian Tribune

22/03/09 Spain Two people were reported to be missing after they fell in the sea during a rescue operation Publico

20/03/09 Tunisia A shipwreck on the way to Lampedusa happened off Sfax, near the Kerkennah island. 17 bodies were recovered while around 50 remained missing Ansa

18/03/09 Spain The lifeless body of a drowned migrant was found on La Línea de la Concepción seaside Sur

07/03/09 Spain A migrant was deadly injured trying to overcome the Ceuta border fence Abc

25/02/09 France A baby died few days after his birth near Dunkerque. His parents, Kurdish from Iraw, where traveling towards England and sleeping at the open air, in some barracks near the A 16 hiway Nord Littoral

23/02/09 Algeria According to official figures, the Algerian authorities have recovered from the sea the dead bodies of 261 emigrants since 2005. In particular: 98 in 2008, 61 in 2007, 73 in 2006 and 29 in 2005 Info Soir

21/02/09 Spain One dead body found on a boat carrying 35 migrants, intercepted 18 miles off Motril, near Granada La Razón

16/02/09 Spain 25 drowned and one reported to be missing after a boat capsized 20 metres from the coast of Lanzarote island, in the Canaries. Among the victims there are 4 babies, 4 children 8 to 11 years old, and two women, one of which was 8 months pregnant Abc

02/02/09 Spain Boat intercepted south of Gran Canaria island: 3 dead men on board El Pais

29/01/09 Tunisia 8 migrants were reported to be missing after their boat capsized off Hammam-Lif, 15 km south of Tunis Ansa

29/01/09 Turkey The bodies of 5 have been washed up on the coast of southwest Turkey town of Bodrum Kathimerini

25/01/09 Algeria 12 men are reported to be missing at sea, since they left, on January 2, from the coast of Arzew heading for Spain Quotidien d’Oran

21/01/09 Italy 53 migrants arrived to Lampedusa. One dead among them Adnkronos

19/01/09 Tunisia 26 people were reported to be missing after their boat capsized off La Marsa, near Tunis, trying to reach Italy Repubblica

15/01/09 Algeria 4 men are reported to be missing after their boat sank off Gdyel, near Oran Quotidien d’Oran

13/01/09 Greece The bodies of 2 migrants were discovered on the island of Leipsoi close to a half-sunken plastic rowboat Ansa

13/01/09 Greece An 18-month-old baby drowned off the island of Syros yesterday when a boat carrying 19 migrants capsized Kathimerini

10/01/09 Senegal A canoe capsized off Dakar and 4 women drowned Iht

08/01/09 Spain A boat of migrants landed in the island of Alboran, in Andalucia, one dead were found on board El Mundo

01/01/09 Morocco Migrant shot dead by the Moroccan police when trying to cross the border fence in the Spanish enclave of Melilla. He died after his hospitalization in El Hassani hospital, in Nador

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