Thursday, 12 November 2009


       Though I always scream about the media being the propaganda organ of the state, I sometimes wonder at who does the layout. Quite often you find headlines running one after the other that must raise the ire of the readers or at least must make them think. For example recently there were two headlines one following the other in one of our national papers. The first headline trumpeted, “Unemployment up again.” followed by, “Energy companies say that prices will have to rise.” So not only do you worry about losing your job, but you’ll have to pay more to cook and stay warm. This is not confined to any one paper, they are all at it. The following day in a free paper on the one page, “’Fragile’ economy set to grow faster than forecast.” and facing that, “We could see record home repossessions, says minister.” This is the type of society we have allowed to grow under our noses. It is all subterfuge, smoke and mirrors. The first contrasting headlines are really to instil fear in the ordinary people, hold on to your job at all costs as there will be lots looking for your job and it will be very tough if you get dumped. The other set of headlines is just a little bit of double speak, and can be explained as, recovering economy really means the financial centre is making lots of money again, but you are still up shit creek.
      As the media and all the politicians babble on about recession and recovery, as far as the ordinary people are concerned it has always been much the same. The vast majority have always had to struggle to bring up their families and try to improve their standard of living. In the so called “BOOM” times most ordinary people were just getting by while the “entrepreneurs” were doing very well thank you, and that is how they measure things. In a recession, the ordinary people really hurt and live with the fear of unemployment and deprivation, while the big money mob, weep and sweat because their millions have shrunk a little and there is less opportunities to use their money to screw the workers.
     Why don’t we get wise and dump the bunch of parasites that we carry on our backs, the greed brigade that gamble and speculate with our lives, all in the quest for more money. The profit motive that is only there to feed a bunch of sweaty palmed shareholders who put their profit before the well being of the people. We have the resources and the ability to create a society that is based on the needs of all its people, a society that is both sustainable and fair and also frees all our people from the fear of deprivation. It is just the will that is missing.

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