Tuesday, 24 November 2009


      The law in most societies says that to kill someone is a crime, yet the same society tolerates killing every day of the week and those who do the killing aren’t even questioned. Of course at the top of the killing tree is the state with its armies and its love of war. However on a much more personal scale we tolerate killers and allow them to walk freely among us. There are those who, for economic reasons, sleep rough, they sometimes die because of the cold while landlords, who are aware of these circumstances, have empty homes and keep them empty. There are children and others that go hungry and in many cases die from hunger. Yet in our streets we have stores bursting at the seams with food. Of course we are complicit in these killings as we are aware of the circumstances and allow it to happen. Our society is a criminal society, as it rewards criminals, its laws enforce and protect criminality simply because the law makers are criminals.
    How else can we describe a world of food mountains, wine lakes and farmers paid not to work their land and at the same time talk of thousands homeless and dying of hunger? If we allow the criminals to make all the rules then we can expect criminality to be the law of the land.

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