Saturday, 7 November 2009

LOST and/or STOLEN??

       From our ever looking, ever listening City Strolls comes this request, and it is one that I feel that all of our country should get involved in. The theft has been going on for years and like a card sharp in a dodgy casino, the Glasgow council shuffles this and that from the common good to the private sector. It is our assets and the corporate world wants it, all of it and the council sleep in their bed.

Questions that need to be asked;
Who has all our public artifacts?
Property for sale, whose propery is it?
Where do all the profits from the Common Goods go?
Who decides our land should be sold or what its use should be?

Common goods detectives
The Family Silver of Scotland Scandal.

£1.8 billion or more of land and assets belonging to the public has
been lost due to centuries of mismanagement and corruption.
Campaigners claim this land and assets are being misappropriated
 or even stolen.

Treasure hunt
Where is our Common Good?
The Common Good is all around you ­ see if you can find some.
Send us  pictures. Ask us questions. What about your local library,
your park. Who do you think owns all the pictures and treasures
 in the art galleries?  Lets learn to find and recognise our
 public common good ­ take public ownership of it.
 Because if we don’t someone else will and we will
 never see it again.

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