Saturday, 13 August 2011


          QUOTE;    “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X

         Our millionaire lord and master Cameron, believes that those who were involved in the disturbances across England last week should be evicted from their home. All the family, even if it was just one member of that family who was involved. He also believes that if they are on benefit, they should lose their benefits. One council has already served an eviction notice on one family.

         This is the usual revenge response that we expect from the right wing millionaire Oxbridge brigade. Well over 1,500 have been arrested in connection with the disturbances, does that mean we will now have over 1,500 more homeless families wandering our streets begging? According to “one-response” millionaire Cameron, that should sort the problem. Having made them homeless will the council now by law be obliged to find them temporary accommodation? Perhaps the millionaire Cameron cabal think that 1,500 extra penniless homeless families wandering our streets, will benefit our society. Perhaps they would care to explain, but explanation is not their strong point.
Looters, I know what I'd do with the buggers.

        This right-wing mob of millionaires only have one response, revenge, hit hard. They will sit in the security of their wealth and enjoy all the opportunities that their wealth offers, spouting morality. A morality that sees their wealth protected at the cost of social services, the public education system and our NHS. So, groups of youths looted some business, what about Oxbridge Cameron and his millionaire friends in the corporate world that have for generations looted our communities of jobs, opportunities, hope. Shifting their wealth to where it will make the greatest profit for their own selfish desires. What has done the greater damage to our society, a group that shut down coal mines, shipyards, steel works, and in the process devastated communities for generations, driving them into abject poverty and deprivation. Or several small groups that looted some stores and smashed up some businesses? Let's focus on the greater damage and get our priorities right.

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