Wednesday, 17 August 2011


          What kind of democracy is it when the government minsters influence the courts sentencing policy along ideological lines? I thought that in a democracy the judiciary was meant to be independent and sentencing proportional. What we have in this country is the Prime Minister and some of his millionaire chums in the cabinet calling for sentences away out of all proportion to the actual crime committed, just so they can appeal to their fascist backwoods support and brandish their “tough-on-crime credentials. Four years prison for two young men who put a page on Facebook, is the usual, we will make an example of these young men and scare the shit out of all the other young people. In my book, that has no resemblance to justice. Throwing families out of their home because one member of that family has committed a crime, hardly fair, hardly proportional, and certainly not justice. We can be sure that our right-wing millionaire fascists will use the disturbances and whatever else they can, to further their agenda, more control over the ordinary people, tougher policing in the poorer communities, whole areas to be under curfew, and we will be told, it is all for our own good. No talk of sharing the wealth of this very rich country more equally, no talk of alleviating the poverty and deprivation in some of our communities. No, it will be more control and a tighter grip on what will become ghettos. In capitalism when there are no jobs and they are going through one of their frequent crisis, the people become a bit of a nuisance, so have to be contained so as to allow the better off to get on with their consumerism and the corporate world to get on with its looting and plundering. If we wish to have democracy, we have to get rid of the state and its bed partner, the corporate world. In this modern capitalist world, the state and the corporate world are one, they have merged into one body that has set out to control the world for the gain of the shareholders and the financial sector, it is called corporatism, Mussolini’s name for fascism.

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  1. The twatting CEO of the RBS gets £6m plus bonuses every year - that's tax payers money we're talking about and if that's not LOOTING I don't know what is.
    Times that by all the other banking CEOs, all the Council CEOs The Chief Constables, fucking ACPO, all the Quangos, all the trusts, all the Partnerships, all the agencies- compared to that lot, the goings on in ENGLAND (at last the BBC use the forbidden word) of the pasr week pales into insignificance.