Thursday, 25 August 2011



             Just a thought, I don't know about you but the information being reported from Tripoli doesn't seem to add up. It was being reported that there were fierce gun battles raging to take the "Compound" with strong resistance coming from those defending it, then there is the beakthrough. The "rebels" enter the "Compound" and we  don't see any Gaddaffi fighters surrender or wounded or dead, where did they go? All we see is the "rebels" looting an empty place and firing their guns in the air. Was there nobody in the "Compound" defending it? Did they all just march out through the doors before the "rebels" arrived? Where did they go with all their weapons, their wound and their dead, did they leave in a convoy through the occupied streets? As usual, in the fog of war, we never get told the truth, we get the usual media spin.

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