Wednesday, 24 August 2011


         Through the night, through our narrow country lanes a deadly nuclear cargo rolls from one end of the country to the other. Did you consent to have this illegal convoy of nuclear weapons of mass destruction pass by your home, your kids school, your local retail park? Are you told when it is going to pass, or are you, like most of the public, completely unaware of this government illegality? Perhaps one night you will go to sleep and that will be that, a little accident on the road and oblivian for an entire city. There are records of many small accidents with these convoys, but up until now we have been lucky, no nuclear explosion, but how far would you push your luck when dealing with the lives of thousands of people?
 Sleep well my love.

DEADLY CARGO from Camcorder Guerillas on Vimeo.
19 mins - Scotland / UK 2008

There's been some collateral damage!!

          Fully assembled nuclear convoys are regularly transported in secret convoys on ordinary roads, day and night right across Britain. The authorities are asking us to keep an eye out for suspicious looking bags at train stations. Nukewatch is asking us to keep an eye out for suspicious looking trucks carrying weapons of mass destruction on our motorways.
        Find out the chilling truth about these lethal convoys, how they are tracked by the people in the Nukewatch network.

Sound track by Zoviet France (​wiki/​Zoviet_France)

DVD Available with Spanish, Dutch, German, Finnish, Swedish and English subtitiles

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  1. Chance of a nuclear detonation?

    I call bullshit on that one!

  2. I'm no physicist, but I do believe that if there was an accident with one of these convoys there would be a helluva mess. You could however take your point up with nukewatch, I'm sure they will be able and willing to clarify the matter.