Saturday, 28 April 2012


        Though the following article sees the Greek situation spreading to all the Southern European states, I on the other hand, see it coming to practically all the European states. It would suit the corporate fascist in conjunction with the financial Mafia to turn Europe into one very large sweatshop. This would put them in a much stronger position when trading with all the other power blocks on the planet. Cheap labour and low corporation taxes, is the perfect recipe for for corporate greed. To expect our respective national governments to somehow protect us from this "grand-plan" is rather naive as they are the managers of the "grand-plan" on behalf of the financial Mafia, they are the servants of the corporate fascists. 

     It's not a great photograph but its sole virtue is that its tells a story, and so illustrates so much of what is happening in Greece today and for that reason I posted it.
      In it are all the elements of a new emerging economy that has been foisted upon Greece in the name of financial salvation. In the foreground is the child beggar, no more than 11, I'd venture, his Fagin like "handler" (How Dickens serves us in times of need) just off frame at the entrance of the Ble patisserie.
      Ble, which serves high end baked goods at the kind of prices that even New Yorkers/Parisians might baulk at is, itself a perfect example of how the economy is going. Inside the employees haven't been paid for months and yet remain working, as they know giving up a job there means certain unemployment, a fact the supervisor hovering in the background is no doubt aware of.
       300 Euro per month wages, total absence of labour protection laws and rampant poverty are the fate that awaits other southern European economies adopting the kind of austerity measures that Greece has implemented in the last three years.

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