Thursday, 5 April 2012


ATHENS (Reuters) - A cash-strapped Greek pensioner shot and killed himself outside parliament in Athens on Wednesday saying he refused to scrounge for food in the rubbish, touching a nerve among ordinary Greeks feeling the brunt of the country's economic crisis.
Picture courtesy of Teacher Dude & BBQ.

        He played their game to their rules, he worked hard, got a “decent” job, he was a pharmacist, and brought up his family within the rules of their game, and in his old age, callously they threw him into deprivation. What more could he have done - nothing -. to the financial markets he is worth nothing, a disposable unit, of no consequence. To those who knew him, he was a dignified man, to his family, a loving member, to the general public, a decent human being destroyed by a system that is immoral, unjust and inhumane. The media may focus on this betrayed and destroyed elderly man, but across this continent millions are rapidly dropping to his level of despair, fear and deprivation, for what? To save the bankers from losing their wealth, to keep an unjust immoral and inhumane system functioning. How many more will be driven to take such action as this elderly retired pharmacist? When will we turn on the perpetrators of this hideous crime and bring them to justice?

Picture courtesy of AE TV.

           When do we take control of our lives and build a society that sees to the needs of all our people. It is possible, there is an alternative to this parasite breeding, greed infested repressive system. Capitalism is not some plan of the Gods, it is a man made economic system the fails the majority of the people. Before many more of our people are driven to the depth of despair, to the end of their tether, let's dismantle this cruel killer of an economic system and replace it with one built on mutual aid, co-operation, sustainability and humanity.

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