Saturday, 7 April 2012


        All the reporting and discussion on the "crisis" always refers to the situation as if it were something mechanical, beyond the ability of us mere humans to control or even alter. What they never hint at is that it is not mechanical but human. It is human decisions made for short term selfish human gain. Individuals sitting in their marble halls making decisions as the shift billions in cash around the world, with no other reason than to increase those billions. The human cost, the effect on the lives of the billions of people adversely affected by those decisions is of no consequence. They neither notice nor care, unless it might adversely affect their gambling results. It is not something set in tablets of stone that we have to sit around soaking up the punishment inflicted by the financial mafia, we can take control of all the production and distribution setting up a society based on communities that see to the needs of all our people. We don't need the cabal shareholders that live like parasites of our labours, but they do needs us. Capitalist economics is not some phenomenon of the natural world, it is a man made system of exploitation, it could be wiped away if the will of the people so desire. A better world is possible, just think of a world based on mutual aid, co-operation, sustainability and humanity. Or we could accept this world of injustice, poverty and inequality and leave our grandchildren, a world of exploiation devoid of hope.
        The following is from "This is our job", originally translated from Liberación Total
        Street protests against the attacks of capitalist States on our living conditions have recently spread throughout Europe. Despite the strikes, actions, and massive demonstrations, and despite the broad movements that haven’t even expressed any grand revolutionary aspirations beyond the mere defence of minimum basic necessities, the States have responded with indifference.
        Appealing to confusing economic formulas, numbers, statistics, and abstract concepts, those States have tried to locate the problem’s origin in inaccessible, metaphysical realities. However, the origin and causes of our daily problems have no metaphysical foundation whatsoever. Poverty, exploitation, repression, and systematic abuse are the results of very concrete structures, of specific decisions taken by specific people who have specific interests.

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