Tuesday, 3 April 2012


         The people across Europe are beginning to realise that they cannot solve their problems nationally but have to unite across borders and work together internationally to stop this onslaught against their living conditions. March 31 was the first attempt at a Europe wide demonstration and it had an excellent response. In cities across Europe people took to the streets, there were protest actions in most major cities in Europe. Some small groups of pickets targeting specific corporate bodies. In other cities the protesters numbered in their thousands. We always here of how Germany is doing great and the rest of Europe has to get their houses in order so as to do likewise. Well the German people were on the streets with the rest of Europe, they are suffering like the rest of us, it is all a matter of degree. Capitalism can't work for the benefit of the people, it has to be abolished and a system based on mutual aid, sustainability and co-operation built in its place. Asking the government to "please be kinder to us" will only result in more of the same. Any attempt to modify capitalism will just move the suffering around, it will not get rid of the problem. Do we take on the struggle now, or do we leave it for our children and grand children?  This report from Frankfurt: 
(Reuters) - At least 15 German police officers were injured, one seriously, during rioting that lasted into Sunday morning, following an anti-capitalist protest in Frankfurt, police said. Demonstrators threw paint bombs at the European Central Bank and attacked emergency vehicles on Saturday in violence which escalated after police tried to arrest several protesters in the heart of Germany's financial capital. Battles stretched through the night and one officer was taken to intensive care after being singled out by a handful of demonstrators. Officers who went to his aid were met with massive violence, police said. Saturday's clashes mark one of the first significant outbreaks of violence in Germany connected to recent anti-capitalist demonstrations inspired by the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement. Police said they arrested 465 people during the "anti-capitalist day" march. A spokesman for the organisers, anti-capitalist alliance M31, said a group of around 200 protesters broke off the 6,000 strong demonstration and headed to the city centre.

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