Tuesday, 17 April 2012


     As a keen cyclist I am obviously eager to stay alive on the roads and so welcome any attempt at trying to impliment a more sane and humane system on our roads. It seems crazy that enjoying cycling should come with a high risk of death at the hands of a vehicle driver.


is a mass ride on Holyrood, the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, which will be happening on the 28th of April. It is aimed to make Scotland a safer place for cyclists, and to demand better facilities for cyclists, and cycling to be taken seriously by the Scottish Government. It's a grassroots campaign, and is not allied with any political group or party. Our aim is to make cycling a real political priority and give a push to make Scotland a more Cycling-friendly nation. We want a really good showing from Glasgow and we know there are lots of keen cyclists in Glasgow as well as across the country. Feel free to adorn your bikes with buntings, banners and any electronic or circuit-bent wonderfulness!

You can get more information at

PLEASE - download and print a poster and put it up at your University or workplace!
Any Cafes, bike shops, lunch places, universities, workplaces - please get posters up there!

Feeder rides from Glasgow on the 28th - at a nice easy pace:

Facebook group:

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