Monday, 10 September 2012


      The Eldorado Gold Corporation is a large Canadian gold mining company with 7 operating mines, three under construction, three development projects, plus an extensive program of exploration. They operate in China, Brazil, Romania, Greece and Turkey and aim to produce 1.7 million ounces of gold annually by 2016.
       We all know that gold mining is probably one of the worst industries regards pollution. see "A simple band of gold", but it nets vast fortunes for the corporate world, how much of that wealth will find its way down to the people who live near the mining area or the general public at large? It is a safe bet to say, not much at all, if any. The company will savagely decimate the land and walk away with the loot, swelling the coffers of the billionaires in the corporate world.

      1,500-2,000 demonstrators gathered in the village of Skouries in Chalkidiki on September 9 to protest again the commencing of the extraction of gold by the Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold. The demonstration soon clashed with police protecting the mining facilities and at least five demonstrators were injured, including a SYRIZA MP. It is reported that the police used tear-gas inside the forest (photo below) causing serious risk for a widespread fire (with demonstrators putting off the fire in many cases), and rubber bullets.
At least 15 people were detained and taken to the local police station (in Ierissos) where demonstrators immediately gathered in solidarity, demanding their release. As a result, the detainees were transferred to nearby police stations in Chalkidiki, while four demonstrators have been transferred to Thessaloniki.

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  1. All gold is blood gold. Gold is a huge scam propagated by capitalists who sucker people into buying useless pieces of shiny shit. What makes a rock more important than human life?

  2. "What makes a rock more important than human life?"
    The smoke and mirrors of the economic system that makes us tolerate a bunch of parasites on our back.