Monday, 3 September 2012


    The recent conference Non-Aligned-Movement, held in Tehran may be seen as a counter movement to that other grouping of national states, the UN. However what it can't be seen as, is a move for democracy.  What we all know is that the UN is the implementer of the world's most powerful nation's corporate and imperialist wishes, and it will use what ever brutal force it needs to achieve those ends. The slaughter of thousands, the displacement of millions and the total destruction of a country's infra-structure, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. damage that will last at least a generation, is hardly putting the ordinary people first. The UN, like the corporate system that it supports, is mired in corruption, driven by greed and has no other purpose than to defend the hegemony of the world's most powerful corporate bodies, and the expansion of Western imperialism.
      The Non-Aligned-Movement, is no different in its form, its aims are to create an alternative power structure to the UN but not to bring freedom and democracy to the people of those countries, but to protect and increase the power of those institutions that control those countries. It is just another imperialist body gearing up to challenge for total control.
     Just as in the past the British Empire, the German Empire, the Spanish Empire and the French Empire, all squabbled and slaughtered to keep and gain the spoils of empire, so now we have moved on to the world more or less being dominated by one empire, the Western corporate imperialists. The Non-Aligned-Movement is at present, a junior player in another imperialist war. We can expect that war to become more brutal as the dominant sees the other as a threat.
      Is this the best that man can come up with, the slaughter of millions of ordinary people to protect the wealth of the few? That beast that some call the pinnacle of evolution has slaughtered more of its own kind than any other beast on earth. Surely we as thinking beings can come up with an alternative to follow -my-leader and start to destroy that which is destroying us, this corporate system of greed, driven by the few.
      Our imagination, compassion and experience can surely create a system of fairness that sees to the needs of all our people. We can create a better world built on co-operation, mutual aid and sustainability, but the old one has to come crumbling down and end up in the dustbin of history.

Once upon a time,
in our not so distant past
stood a beautiful, a unique world,
laden with promise,
a world where our future was open,
our potential vast.
Now, seduced by glinting tinsel of the mad
our reason quivers
on the edge of a dark abyss.
We have created a world
where wastelands abound
where we
the many, the marginalised, the ordinary,
struggle to survive in voracity that astounds
are seduced
to create wastelands in our minds,
slowly accepting chaos
in a world of insanity.
Here corporate monsters
of hypocrisy, contradictions,
sever the fragile cord
that unites being with being,

ann arky's home.

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