Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Another radio chat from The CircledA, enjoy MOMENTS OF EXCESS:

         This show is presented by Chickpea of Dissident Island Radio, features portions of an interview with Brian and Keir, two members of the Leeds-based collective writing and discussion group. Free Association about the project, its process and the complexities associated with anti-capitalist protest. The interview is peppered with samples from a copyleft of their recently published book 'Moments of Excess'. Accessible and enlightening in its deconstruction of capitalism, the Free Association's book and the group's continuing engagement in contemporary radical, anti-capitalist politics and political organising is particularly relevant not only to anarchists and anti-capitalists of all flavours but to all dissenters of 'capitalism as usual' in its ability to question and inspire, in entertaining ways, thought in the process, purpose and direction behind the contemporary political protest movements in the UK and beyond.

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