Thursday, 27 September 2012


        The field of genetically-modified food needs to be under the control of the people who will end up eating it, not the corporations who stand to gain millions of pounds from forcing it onto our tables. It is an uncharted area and those who stand to get rich by it should not be in the decision making of its suitability for human consumption.

        A recent French study of Monsanto genetically-modified corn has turned up shocking and disturbing images of rats weighed down with disgusting tumors the size of golf balls. The two-year study found that rats fed Monsanto’s NK603 corn developed more tumors and severe diseases than a control group fed natural corn.
        France has twice banned the corn from its country, but twice has seen that ban overturned by the European Food Safety Authority, most recently in May. According to the EFSA, it is because "there is no specific scientific evidence, in terms of risk to human and animal health or the environment" to support a ban. But the results of this new study are too big to ignore, and with our help the EU might finally listen. Russia has already banned the product, and the European Union should be next in line to protect consumers.
         Monsanto and other GMO companies have an enormous amount of lobbying power, but through direct citizen-consumer action, we can get our own voices heard, and have an enormous impact. Speaking up with the combined power of our voices, members of are able to counterbalance some of the biggest corporations in the world. Together, we are building a healthier, safer world.
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-Paul, Claiborne and the rest of us

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