Sunday, 23 September 2012


     It is more than a year and a half since I wrote up the blog, We Needs More Anarchists, but I feel it is even more relevant today than when I wrote the piece.
    Savage cuts have been made to our living standards and to the education system, our National Health Service is being fragmented to be made suitable for the corporate world to gobble up. The disabled have been attacked and made to feel like criminals as they sit before assessors, to see if they can lift an empty box, or some other such humiliating and useless task. VAT increase has been followed by energy price increases, wages are frozen or cut and pensions are under attack. We are being forced to work longer, pay more for our pensions and get less when we retire. This is not the end of the financial Mafia's grand plan, there are more cuts in the pipeline, next year will see an even greater attack on our living standards. All this to prop up the banksters world so that they don't loose all the billions they gambled on phony deals and get rich quick schemes.

      Do we just let them get on with it, and screw us for all we are worth, or do we try to negotiate with them with, "Please sir, can you give us a little bit more of the cake", or do we decide we can run our affairs much better by ourselves and set about destroying this system that hands power to the rich? Do you honestly believe that voting to put a cabal of millionaires in power will solve our problems? Will they start to move wealth from their millionaire friends down to the likes of you and I? Would their millionaire friends let them?
      Like I said more than eighteen months ago, We Needs More Anarchists, and now, 

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