Wednesday, 26 September 2012


         According to the latest reports from the general strike in Greece, over 100,000 took to the streets in Athens and hundreds have been arrested and a considerable number injured, there are reports of water cannon moving into Exarcheia Square. No doubt that babbling brook of bullshit, the media, will spout about the violence of the people on the streets. There will be no mention of the violence of the state in implementing draconian cuts to the standard of living of the people, which is in reality a brutal assault on ordinary people. An assault that is causing ill health, malnutrition, metal health problems and suicides to mention a few of the direct results of the state's brutal assault on innocent people. What is happening on the streets is an attempt at self defence by the people, it is obvious the ballot box didn't work. What is being forced onto the people was never in any election manifesto. That being the case then it is also obvious that democracy doesn't exist. Never the less the people are expected to be subservient, humble, quiet and take what is thrown at them on the instructions of the financial Mafia.

          We should also remember that similar scenes have been taking place in Spain and Portugal this week, is this because these people are just violent people, or are they people that have been assaulted, too often, for too long, too severally and they feel it is now time to hit back and defend themselves. We should never forget that the violence always starts with the state, not the people, we only respond to how we are treated.

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