Thursday, 30 January 2014

Democratic Detention Of Victims!!!!

      Here in the UK the government spouts about us being a free and democratic country, yet there are hundreds of victims being locked in detention centres. It is certainly very undemocratic to lock up victims, instead of offering safety and support.

This from one who has been there:
     When I was 13 years old I was locked up by British authorities. My family was persecuted in Turkey for being Kurds and left in fear. My mother and I came to the UK for safety, to seek asylum. Instead we were locked in a detention centre in Bedfordshire. I saw what women go through when they are detained.
    Right now there are hundreds of women locked up in Yarl’s Wood detention centre. They need to be protected, not punished. That’s why I’m calling for the Government to end the detention of women who seek asylum.
     These women have not committed any crime. Many of them are held in detention while their asylum request is processed. But it’s possible to create an asylum process in which their cases are heard while they are living in the community. The Home Office should treat women who have survived rape and torture with dignity and humanity.
     Detention is very traumatic for women who have already experienced persecution. Allegations of abuse have been made against staff in Yarl’s Wood. Many women who are detained become suicidal and some of the women are pregnant. This is no place for these vulnerable women.
     My mother and I were finally released and granted leave to remain in the UK. I then spoke out for the campaign to end the detention of children. In 2010 the Government announced that it would end the shameful practice that saw "innocent children imprisoned". I know we can do it again, but need you to help me.
Thank you for your support,
Meltem Avcil
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