Friday, 3 January 2014

The £500,000 Poverty Level!!

     Every passing day confirms the fact that, in this country, we live in two different worlds. While you and I are doing so well living in houses with an extra bedroom, we have to have an extra tax, we enjoy the pleasure of workfare placements without salary, we are doing too well on disability benefits, that the government is obliged to cut them, we are wallowing in zero hours contract on the minimum wage. Those poor mid-ranking bankers are struggling on £500,000 annual salary.
An extract from E Financial Careers: 
“People here are already carrying a lot more debt than they used to,” said a senior manager at one European investment bank in London – again speaking off the record. “A member of my team has a £750k mortgage on his house, which is a huge burden for him. A lot of other mid-ranking people here can’t afford to live in Zone 1 and are having to move out to Zones 3 or 4 – which is difficult when you’re a VP-level banker working very long hours.”
     Doesn't your heart bleed for these people? How on earth can they afford a Ferrari or Porche, their whole lifestyle is being jeopordise, if the don't get that big fat bonus and a substantial salary increase. Some of them have probably abandoned they idea of a yacht for next summer.

 I'm finding things very tough at the moment

    This is the obscene inequality that this system is built on, a society where those parasites in the millionaire class ooze sympathy for those who can't get by on £500,000 a year. While stating that those, that produce every article that the parasites posses and every service they enjoy, will have to make sacrifices and tighten their belts.
      I don't see that rationale and discussion will sort out this inequality, I can't see that group who feel that it is difficult to get by on £500,000 a year, and their millionaire bosses, sitting down to sort out the real inequalities in this society. There will have to be another method, and that will have to come from those of us living well below the level of the parasites' £500,000 poverty line salary.
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