Tuesday, 7 January 2014

"The Anti-Humanity" Award.

        If there was an award, perhaps we could call it "The Anti-Humanity" award, for the most destructive section of capitalism, it would be a very difficult to come to a decision as to where that award should go.    
    We have the various mining industries, including fracking, ripping apart ecosystems and poisoning the environment. We have the garment industry, cheap labour and appalling conditions in sweatshops across the world. We have the nuclear industry with its Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, to mention a few. Then there is the financial Mafia, plundering countries and devastating living standards of millions. Let's not forget the multinational forestry companies, ripping the heart out of indigenous communities in country after country. The contestants are all so devastatingly destructive to human life that it is difficult to imagine how we let it get this bad.

      This extract is from Earth First and highlights just one area where the forestry industry is destroying the environment and killing people, but the people are fighting back.
 Forestry Companies: The Ugliest Face of Capitalism in Wallmapu
      The forestry companies represent the worst aspect that Capitalism has shown to Mapuche community members in Wallmapu. Their extreme extractive activities have only generated disaster for communities, including toxic fumes, the dissapearance of rivers, brooks and streams, as well as the extinction of the natural flora and fauna of the area which serve as food and medicine for the Mapuche People. These are the main effects, among others, of the industry financed by the Chilean State through Law 701.
       Moreover, the enormous extensions of land currently held by the Forestry companies lie on stolen land from Mapuche communities. These corporate properties are directly related to the territorial plunder of the Mapuche People.
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