Sunday, 26 January 2014

Change, Though Messy, Is Inevitable

      Our Oxbridge cabal of millionaires are singing in tune to the chorus of that fantasy song, “Growth, Growth, Growth”. We all know it is a fantasy tune, but for some reason or other, the singing crooks and liars, seem to believe their own words. Massaging dodgy figures to fit their illusions, and muttering, “You've never had it so good” from the confines of their pampered fantasy bubble, in a vain attempt to fool the public, this millionaire cabal live in luxury and denigrate those who suffer poverty at the hands of this system of corruption and greed. 
      The truth is that the world economy is still in crisis, the financial Mafia are worried. They see developing markets shrink and sovereign debt rising, and they start to sweat at the thought that they might lose their billions of ill-gotten gains. This would mean another attack on the living conditions of the already impoverished public, and even they realise that it would be a dangerous road to walk. In country after country, people are taking to the streets and doing their damndest to bring about real change. Riots, protests, occupations are the only road left open to the general public, as their lords and master, the financial Mafia, make brutal attempt after brutal attempt to get back their gambling losses. The next round of “austerity” could be a squeeze to far. How it turns out is up to us, it is also an opportunity for real change in the way we structure our society.
     This originally from Roar Magazine, and re-posted in Popular Resistance:
     This, in turn, raises another question: how will impoverished populations respond to the growing pressures on their livelihoods? Last summer Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia already experienced widespread social unrest. Thailand and Ukraine are currently witnessing massive anti-government protests. Just last month, Argentina descended into a bout of deadly rioting as policemen briefly went on strike. The International Labor Organization recently warned that a new global recession, by feeding already high rates of poverty and unemployment, will further contribute to the fraying of the social fabric.
      As Larry Elliot of The Guardian, just put it: “all the ingredients are there for social unrest.” It looks like the world will be in for a rough ride in 2014. Better fasten your seatbelts — the next phase of the global financial crisis may be about to get started. Cities will burn and there will be blood. It won’t be pretty.
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