Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Truth Of Our Era, ATOS Kills.

     ATOS Kills, is not a slogan, it is a truth. Across the country we have seen deaths and suicides as a result of this so called “assessment policy”, which translates as, cutting welfare to the most vulnerable in our society. Whatever the result of the “assessment” the stress and trauma of having to face this humiliating treatment is often enough to push vulnerable people over the edge. We have, sitting in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, a millionaire cabal, who, in their pampered bubble world, know nothing of the struggles and suffering of the ordinary people, nor do they care. They are all worshippers in the temple of Mammon, the poor and vulnerable are mere sacrifices on the altar of finance.
      ATOS is just one of the many tools in their armoury as they plunder the public purse, but it is a brutal tool being used against a vulnerable section of our community. We can all say what we feel about this savage attack on our communities by attending the organised Day of Action against ATOS, which takes place tomorrow Wednesday, 19 February. There will be one in your town or city, if not create one. Protests are taking place in towns and cities across the UK including Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Croydon, Hull, Birmingham, Truro, Portsmouth, Edinburgh, Wimbledon and many more. To find a protest near you visit: http://ukrebellioncom.ipage.com/atosdemo/
This from The Void:
     Someone recently commented that there was once a time when a government policy which led to spate of unintended deaths would have been halted to find out what the fuck was going on.

     Yet the death toll linked to the horrific Atos run Work Capability Assessment grows ever higher with a spate of tragic suicides reported throughout December.  Life is cheap under neo-liberalism and neither the Tory Party, or Labour – who merely say they will replace Atos but the assessments will continue – are opposed to this terrible regime facing sick and disabled claimants.

     Barely any of those found ‘fit for work’ by Atos have actually found jobs, despite Iain Duncan Smith’s magical Work Programme.  The number of successful appeals against decisions made to throw people off benefits remains sky high.  The stress and suffering caused by Atos is more than well documented by hundreds, if not thousands of people on the internet.
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