Monday, 10 February 2014

Western Bankrolled Genicide.

     At what point will the Western states give up on Israel, how far down the genocide road must it go before the Western states take action, and it is completely isolated? Are they prepared to see a history where there are no Palestinian people, where the Palestinian lands are part of a Greater Israel, all based on the mutterings of some ancient mythical being. This is a state that is built on the belief that they are the "chosen people" and therefore all others are inferior. Day and daily this unfounded arrogance spreads havoc and misery among the Palestinian people, grabbing their land, destroying their crops. demolishing their homes, terrorising the inhabitants. All the while, the West looks the other way and America bankrolls this genocide being carried out by a state of zealous religious fundamentalist thugs.
Sunday 9 February, this from Middle East monitor:
       Israeli settlers routinely destroy Palestinian olive groves, or directly attack Palestinian villagers and farmers, like the stone-throwing attack pictured above, where villagers at Assira al-Kibliya were attackec by masked settlers [file photo]
Israeli settlers throwing stones at Palestinian Villagers
      Early this morning, settlers uprooted and destroyed over 400 olive saplings in the village of Sinjil, located north of Ramallah.
     According to the mayor of Sinjil, Ayoub Sweed, a number of settlers raided the village, and carried out their attacks on agricultural land in which olives saplings were planted. He noted that this was the third attack in less than a month.
      He also pointed out that the olive saplings that were uprooted were planted as a part of the village's reforestation project funded by the International Committee of the Red Cross, which aims to reclaim and cultivate the land. The number of saplings that were uprooted in less than a month is estimated at about 3,000 saplings.
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