Friday, 28 February 2014

Circled A Radio, On Scottish Independence.

This episode of Circled A discusses Scottish independence:
      Rants and raves with Mr G on Scottish independence and Ukrainian revolution. Will this rising nationalism provide a path away from doom or just leave us all with bed sores?
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  1. Sign over the oil reserves and the English will let you go !!!!

    My English friends say the Scots couldn't run their own affairs 300 years ago so why do they think they can do it now? and at least the ones in the Lowlands know their place, they will all get OBE's and some nice shinny beads and be bought off with titles.

    They say that today the Scots get to decide but in time when the oil has gone then England can decide to go it alone so they don't have to pay for the Scots and Irish. Apparently they mind the welsh so much.

    1. Whether a people can look after their own affairs to the assessment of others, is not the question. They should be allowed to run their own affairs as they see fit. You seem to believe that the Scottish people should be thankful to the English for looking after them for so many years. How selfless of the English. What a load of crap.