Monday, 17 February 2014

Local Politics Is Global Politics.

     As we vent our anger at the Cameron millionaire cabal, about the “austerity” ideology being forced onto us, we should realise that this attack on the ordinary people is not a UK phenomenon. There is no use looking to one of the other parties of puppets of the financial Mafia, to set things right for us. This is a well co-ordinated, world wide assault on the conditions of the ordinary people. The financial Mafia is organised across the globe, and running to a ballot box, here in the UK, to change the smiling suit that sits on the throne of the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, will change nothing. The policies in country after country across the planet, mirror each other, no matter the shade of the political party in power.
     Our real enemy is capitalism, we are just experiencing its latest phase, global corporatism, and we should realise that it can only be beaten on a global scale. They are well organised globally, and can only be beaten by us being similarly globally organised. It may look like local politics, ATOS, the bedroom tax etc. but these policies are shaded and moulded to fit every country. It is the system that stinks, the politicians are merely the managers of that stinking system. Welcome to Australia's bedroom tax.

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