Sunday, 2 February 2014

For Queen And Country And All That Crap.

     As the 100 years anniversary of the start of first World War draws ever closer, we should be prepared for the Cameron/Gove clan of duplicitous imperialist's, mounting crescendo of foul lies, that it was all for freedom and democracy.  What those who fought in that horrific shameful episode of imperialist greed, came home to, was not freedom and democracy. They came home to poverty and deprivation, while the imperialist decision making war mongers, pinned honours on their breast, stuffed their coffers with plunder and basked in the reflected glory of other people's suffering and deaths.
       As the year progresses, we have to organise to shine the light of truth on their hollow, sham pompous and hypocritical facade. We have to remember those British troops that the British military shot because they had suffered to the extent that they couldn't fight any more. They named it cowardice, in an attempt to cover their blood letting.
      The first World war was probably the most brutal imperialist fallout ever, where those who had wealth and power, got the people to slaughter each other in an attempt to enlarge or hold onto that wealth and power. There never was any thought of freedom or democracy for the people, on their agenda. It was all jingoism, smoke and mirrors, propaganda, as the aristocrats of the world scrambled to plunder what the could from each other.
    Let's remember it for what it was, imperialist greed, pompous arrogance of those with wealth and power, a sacrifice of a generation of ordinary people at the altar empire. We owe it to all those ordinary people who died needlessly, simply offered up as payment for territory, wealth and power to gratify the lust of the greed infested imperialists.

       In February 2013, Ben Griffin, former SAS soldier in the British army, Ben Griffin spoke at the Oxford University Union debate in favour of the motion "We Will NOT Fight For Queen and Country", explaining why he would no longer accept the lies which perpetuate war.

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