Friday, 10 February 2017

Black Books.

       This is what I call good news, and that is always welcome, so let's wish them all the best.

New Anarchist Infoshop at the Klinika squat in Prague…

        is primarily a free place where everyone should feel safe. Because we know that safe area in this world based on exclusion and domination, is only illusion, we want to focus on topics and activities geared towards horizontally structured society.
       In infoshop you can find interesting books/magazines, pamphlets, zines, etc. from various areas. Black Books is for lectures, workshops, screenings, discussions, but also for meetings with people, on the program anyone can participate.
      “Anarchist Infoshop” does not mean a closed space only for anarchists, but a place where diversity is welcome. What is definitely not welcome is any manifestations of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, colonialism and other forms of oppression.

Let’s start by imagining the world differently.

opening times:
     From January 23rd, Black books infoshop will open 2 times a week.
Open will be on Monday and Thursday from 16 to 21 hours.
        May places like this bloom like wild flowers in a meadow, where the people run free among them.
        My last post for a few days, we are off for a long weekend to escape computers, facebook, blogs, etc. for a wee while. Speak to you soon.
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