Thursday, 2 February 2017

Careful Who You Call Comrade!!

          We all know, or should know, the depth of depravity, the repugnant subterfuge that any state will accept as right and proper, in its attempt to intimidate and silence any opposition to its control of the people. Undercover paid scum, who live by lying and the deception of those who offer them trust. Other times the state apparatus will, by threat and inducement, use desperate and vulnerable people as their tool for fabricating phony evidence. Sadly, we know that under the present system of corporate capitalism, you will find this type of state behavioured in any country on the planet you care to name. In this instance, it happens to be Spain, but we in this country have recently, had this stench of state deception poison our nostrils. This is what you vote for, the continuation of this corrupt, greed driven system of exploitation, held together by coercion, threat, illusion and brute force. 
 Careful who you call comrade!
          Tuesday, 24 January, on the outskirts of Vigo (Mos), a deployment of about 60 armed men between the Guardia Civil and secret agents, searched (and almost destroyed) the house where Gabriel Pombo da Silva had lived for a few months with his partner Elisa Bernardo. At dawn the two were violently awakened, handcuffed and separated … aim: to find firearms and explosives! The search lasted about eight hours and in spite of the means employed (dogs and high technology radar tools), gave no results … among the things seized there is the usual “interesting” anarchist material, cameras, maps of various cities, some cable and old malfunctioning cell phones.
While Elisa, despite the repeated threat of being placed under arrest unless she revealed the much desired hiding place, remained free, Gabriel was arrested on charges of “illegal possession and trafficking of weapons and explosives and armed group”. During the 24 hours’ detention (the release of the comrade happened, in fact, the next day) the facts were bitterly reconstructed.
          About three months ago the couple got to know a self-proclaimed anarchist comrade who, during the few opportunities to meet, “confesses” her problems with drugs and a conditional sentence she is doing because of an arrest suffered in 2013 on charges of being the author of an attack with Molotov cocktails on an institution in Vigo. Heart in hand, Gabriel and Elisa, respond to the request for help from the “comrade”, accepting her for a week (at the beginning of the year) in the aforementioned house to accompany her in the worst phase of a path of detoxification. After this brief period, the girl returns to her own home … reappearing as informer (of false information) the day prior to the present named “Operación Buyo”.
If we had not received certain news that during her previous arrest she had defamed other people, we would have limited ourselves to considering her a “victim of the system”, but that is not so. Maria, this is her name, is currently in jail on the same charges as Gabriel, probably hoping that being the daughter of a military leader can help her to avoid the worst since an arsenal of firearms was found at her home. In 2013, in fact, despite the charges of terrorism, one saw the sentence being reduced significantly (from 11 to 2 years !!!), then converted to parole, with her remaining imprisoned not more than a few months. With all the hatred toward the repressive system, prison and the judicial system, it is inevitable to wonder since when do those who claim themselves as anarchists receive such treatment. Each to their own conclusions.
               Gabriel, for now on bail and under investigation … comments on this latest repressive operation thus:
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