Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Until We Win,Victories Borrowed From The Exploiters.

      One lesson that is important to learn in this capitalist world is that each and every victory we win has to be guarded vigilantly and determinedly, or our lords and masters will take it back. Generations of workers rights gained through struggle are rapidly disappearing and being replaced with zero hours contracts and "self-employed" status and other schemes of exploitation. The social care aspect of society is being removed under the banner of austerity. No gains in this society are permanent, it is a perpetual struggle to just stand still and hold onto what we have.
       Some months ago the Dakota Access Pipeline was halted by determined and brave direct action of thousands, and there was considerable jubilation. At the time I stated that this was not the time to have a victory parade, as it had not been cancelled, just stopped to consider the best route. Well now those water protectors are being pushed from the area by the heavy repression equipment of the state. The hard won victory is being swept away by brute force. That is how this system of exploitation works, it is a war between two irreconcilable sides, won aiming to plunder the Earth's resources for wealth and power for the few, the other side, struggling for a better life for all. Only our victory over capitalism will guarantee that better world for all.

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