Friday, 24 February 2017

Why I'm Not Anti-Trump.

       Experiencing the anti-Trump hysteria I'm filled with mixed emotions ranging from sadness, disappointment and anger. This seemingly world wide anti-Trump cacophony is certainly being fed by our lie machine, the babbling brook of bullshit that is our mainstream media. Every outlet has some point of ridicule, outrage or amazement, at the latest revelations coming from that dangerous, moronic, irrational fundamental Christian, Trump, and the world jumps on the bandwagon. It somehow creates the illusion that if we could only get rid of this idiot, it would be a tremendous victory for democracy. Of course their solution is to replace the rabid fundamental Christian with a elitist variation such as the war warmongering duplicitous billionaire Clinton, who, steeped in a life of duplicitous deals, backed Obama's murderous foreign policy to the hilt. There is world outrage as Trump imposes travel bans on Muslims, but where was that outrage while Obama was killing Muslims, aided and abetted by the hypocritical Clinton. This anti-Trump campaign directs our anger from the real problem, the system that allows a bunch of billionaires to control our lives. Get rid of Trump, impeach him, legally challenge him, and have him removed tomorrow, and the American military imperialist power will still be out their killing and maiming civilians, destroying cities and plundering the wealth of the world to fatten that bunch of billionaires that pull the strings to their own personal advantage. Replace Trump by who you wish, and they will make sure they do nothing to hinder the system of American imperialism from continuing to exploit and plunder the planet. So I'm sad that so many people are working so hard to get rid of Trump believing that solves the problem. I'm disappointed that so many people can't see beyond the cult of leadership, I'm angry that so many people think that the pre-Trump option was a desirable era. So much energy being spent that could be directed against the root cause of our problems, the system, and it is being wasted on trying to change the label. Changing the label on a bottle of poison, doesn't change the contents.
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