Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Roamin' In The Gloamin'.

 The lights on the shore are the Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel.

        At the week end we took a wee trip up the Loch to Luss, the scenery was spectacular with most of the surrounding hills capped with snow, forgot to take some photos. In the local hotel I enjoyed a plate of Cullen Skink, (A fish soup, from a fishing village on the east coats of Scotland, called Cullen, where, like most poor areas, food was simple and local. The soup is made from haddock, potatoes and cream or milk, the word for soup in that area was "skink" hence Cullen soup, Cullen Skink.) Later we went for a walk in the "gloamin'" (For those not familiar with the Scots tongue, Gloamin' is just as the light is fading.) Some may remember the Scots singer/comedian Harry Lauder, whose famous song was "Roamin' in the Gloamin'. A popular guy who went on to become a recruiter for WWI, and learnt the hard way the brutality and stupidity of war, as his son was killed in battle. Our wee roamin' in the gloamin' took us down to the Luss pier and in that fading light the view was something to behold, and I did remember to take a couple of photos.

 A wee zoom in.

Quiet and still.
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