Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Rebirth Of Christian Fundamentalism.

         While the new face of the establishment in America spews out bile about fundamental Islam, that other disease that destroys thinking, Christian fundamentalism, is being cemented in that country by Emperor Trump. The power base of those dangerous, blinkered deluded people, who talk to their friend in the sky, god, are being handed the levers of power, and though an atheist, because of this, I am now beginning to conjure up visions of hell. This US victory by the god people has emboldened their equally dangerous, deluded feeble minded members over here. They now crawl out of the cracks in the altars of the established church, to spread their own brand of trammelled thinking. Because established power has, for centuries, used religion to bolster its control over the people, religion is handed special protections, powers and privileges by the establishment. We must not let this prevent us from taking, head on, the battle for freedom of thought, and the right to make our own decisions, without threat, coercion or consultations to some mythological story book. The moment someone comes to you and says that they were called by god to some action or other, you should remove them for any form of decision making, and gently guide them to a psychiatrist. 
        Here in Scotland this Christian fundamentalism psychological problem, is now planning a concerted attack on the right of a woman to make her own decision over her own body. They have found a messiah on earth, Emperor Trump, and they are on another crusade to banish all alternative thinking. They are extremely dangerous and they must be stopped, before the become dizzy and even more crazy with the power of their new found banner carrier, Emperor Trump and his Christian fundamentalist entourage. Scotland has had enough of the misery and bloodshed caused by the various Christian religious factions, that have done nothing but divide or cities for generations, don't let another form of this poison spread through our country.  
       The images here might be accurate but humorous, but there is nothing humorous about religion, it is enslaving, dangerous, and has a history of brutality and savagery.  
        CONTRAVERSIAL US-style anti-abortion protests will be staged at four of Scotland’s busiest hospitals in an escalation of the pickets first staged last year in Glasgow.
        Pro-life group Forty Days For Life will target the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow to Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Aberdeen Maternity Hospital and Ninewells Hospital, Dundee across three months as part of a worldwide campaign running during the Christian season of Lent.
         The group, founded in Texas in 2004, launched its first Scottish campaign last year, insists it will be conducting prayer vigils and would not harass women seeking abortions but has sparked allegations of intimidation being compared with practices outside many US clinics.
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