Thursday, 20 April 2017

Another Show From The Theatre Of Lies.

The symbol of UK democracy.

        So the UK is to have another election, BORING, BORING, BORING. Does anybody honestly believe that after this latest theatre of lies and hypocrisy, that we will see an end to poverty, an end to homelessness, an adequate health service, and an education system helping all kids to a freethinking maturity? Or will it be business as usual, ordinary people struggling for a decent life, while the rich swagger all the way to the bank. You have seen it all before, pompous messiahs offering you the gift of equality, that they can never deliver. The babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, trying to work the public into a frenzy of choosing between tweedle-dum or tweedle-Dee. How many elections and how many Prime Ministers will it take for the message to sink in, they change nothing, the system stays the same.

         These elections are all about making sure you believe in the illusion that you live in a democracy. We live in that smoke and mirrors of illusion that we the people are calling the shots when it comes to an election, but what is on offer is more of the same, with perhaps little tweaks here and there to suit the taste of a particular messiah. However, the basic structure of exploitation, inbuilt poverty and gross inequality remains the foundation of our society. When has it ever been different.
       These party political elections are capitalisms greatest trick, a necessary illusion for capitalism's survival. Without that illusion that we the people are choosing, the whole festering ruthless system of greed and exploitation would be exposed. When we take part in this theatre of lies and subterfuge, we are complicit in our own exploitation, and we deny our children the future they rightly deserve, a world of justice, freedom from deprivation and exploitation. Our inability to see beyond the capitalism/state monopoly on power, guarantees our future generations a continuous life of struggle for what is their right, a society that sees to the needs of all our people.
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  1. I suppose I am in two minds about this. Capitalism as a system has undoubtedly failed. Our country and most of the nations of the Earth undoubtedly need sweeping changes from the ground up but at the same time I do feel a labour government will be, at least marginally, better for us for the next few years. I also think voting in a labour government on June 8th is more achievable than replacing capitalism by June 8th. I suppose what I'm saying is we have to simultaneously strive for both short term and long term goals.

  2. At the age of 83 I have seen labour governments come and go, but the power structure remains the same. What marginal crums we gain under on regime are soon reversed under the the other. Like I said, by participating in the party political charade we are complicit in its continuation and therefore the continuation of the existing power structure. No we wont get rid of the system by the 8th. of June, but by voting Labour on the 8th of June will guarantee its continuation. Keep it up and by the time my grand-kids are 83, they'll still be deciding between tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee and still facing the same poverty and deprivation, the same inequality and injustice, the same plundering of the planet, if it is still fit for our survival.

    1. You certainly make a compelling point! I suppose we need to think more long term anyway, large change and change for all.