Saturday, 29 April 2017

Glasgow's May Day Picnic On The Green.

       Well here we are, Saturday 29th. May, on the eve of Glasgow's STUC sanitized and choreographed sedate May Day march through the city. Naturally it will not be on May Day as our political parties and trade unions usually avoid celebrating on that particular day, so as not to disturb the consumer process. This year by a drastic blunder, in the plans of the STUC, their slow trudge through the city will start at George Square, 11:30am but because they failed to book a suitable venue in time, it will end up, against their better wishes, in the open air, at the bandstand in Kelvingrove Park. However there is a group of Glasgow's fair citizens who feel that May Day should always be celebrated on May Day and in the open-air, in a free come as you please, friendly fashion. So to that end there will be a May Day Picnic, on The Green, on Monday, May 1st. May Day. It should kick off at around 2pm, so bring what you expect to find, and enjoy songs, music, poetry and friendly chat. May Day on the Green, by the people, for the people, free from our political messiahs, and their vacuous promises to lead us to the promised land.
Glasgow's May Day Picnic on The Green, 
Monday May 1st. 2pm.
at the east end of the Green, 
along from Templeton's factory, 
next to Free Wheel North 
See you all there.

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