Tuesday, 18 April 2017

May Day Picnic On Glasgow Green.

           May Day is fast approaching, sadly so many of our young people have had its true significance erased from their memory, its true purpose is never emphasised in our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media.  They would rather spout it as a holiday, so go shopping, buy a ticket for a show or sit in front of your TV and overdose on the candy-floss and bubble-gum crap that it pours out over your living room floor. However, May Day is a very important day in the history and culture of the working class, the ordinary people. 
        It is a day to celebrate our victories in the struggle for that better life for all. A day to remember all those who tirelessly fought the battles to improve all our lives, our working class heroes. A day to meet up with old friends and make new friends, a day of chat, fun, discussion, for all that vast army of ordinary people who struggle day to day.
      In an attempt to bring Glasgow May Day, as it should be, back to that great celebration of ordinary people, in the open air, a group are holding a May Day picnic on The Green, on the First of May 2pm onwards, bring what you expect to find, bring the family and friends, bring your street. Enjoy singing, poetry, music, chat, fun, laughter and friendship. See you there.


     On Monday May 1st, from 2:00 pm in the east part of Glasgow Green next to the cycling centre, across from the Templeton Factory, join us for a family day, a fun day, a day to celebrate the solidarity of the working class and on the Green where it belongs.
      Music, poetry, banners, face painting, singing, food to share, friends to chat with, people to meet, stories from our radical past, and news of actions and projects of the present.
Visit ann arky's home at www.radicalglasgow.me.uk


  1. Thanks! I accept the invitation. And there I will be, although not physically but with heart and mind. Have a good time people!

  2. Unfortunately I won't be anywhere near Scotland but it's good to see such an event being held and interesting to see the real meaning and purpose of May Day.