Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Spreading The Word.

       The latest issue of Fifth Estate, North America's longest running Anarchist Newspaper is now available. Great to see longevity in an anarchist printed word, 50+ years of permeating the public mind with anarchist ideas and actions. How many of those issues are still around and still being read, still influencing? We at Spirit of Revolt have a back collection of Fifth Estate and are in the process of scanning them to make them easily available to read on our website, they should appear in the next month or so. Well that's the plan.

       The most recent issue of Fifth Estate — North America’s longest running anarchist publication — is out now. Issue #398 features the usual mix of articles, reviews, and announcements. The issue is themed “Revolutions, Riots, & Rebellions”. Consider a subscribing to support Fifth Estate’s 50+ years of publishing.
The contents of this issue:
  • Seattle Shooting – CP & SM
  • A Fascist by Any Other Name – Bill Weinberg
  • The Struggle to Get Back to Zero – Peter Werbe
  • Veil of the Vile – Jesús Sepúlveda
  • Eat Your President – The Mormyrids
  • The Russian Revolution Unfinished – SK
  • Detroit Rebellion 1967 – Frank Joyce
  • Can Vies Squat Defended – Scorsby and Celíaco
  • Support Cleveland 4 – Amanda Schemkes
  • Revolted Art Exhibit
  • Anarchism & Social Security -Eric Laursen
  • This is Biomorph – Fiction – Gary Ives
  • Music & Revolution -Luis Chávez
  • Body Cams & Surveillance – Mateo Pimente
  • Virtuality & Sociopathy – Bryan Tucker
  • A Busker’s Adventure – Bill Blank
  • Surrealism on the Barricades – Ron Sakolsky
  • Real Humans – Review – Mélusine Vertelune
  • Not Your Negro – Review – Peter Werbe
  • Anarchist History – Review – F.O.F.
  • Texas Anti-Prison Conference
  • Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist – Marius Mason
  • Emma Goldman Film – Review – Bill Meyer
  • Prison News
  • Robb Johnson Box Set – David Rovics
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