Wednesday, 19 April 2017

When In Edinburgh, Visit ACE.

        As usual, ACE in Edinburgh puts on a great array of events, always interesting, always informative, the end of April is no exception.

       Wednesday 19 April Stop Arms Sales to Saudi demo Stop Arms Sales to Saudi: From Scotland with Shame Demo Wednesday 19 April - Scottish Parliament Take Action! From Scotland with Shame: Demonstrate to call for an end to Arms Exports from Scotland Wednesday 19 April from 12 noon – 2pm. Outside Scottish Parliament. More info at the bottom
       Thursday 20 April Scrap the Family Cap and the “Rape Clause” There will be a demo against the family cap on Child Tax Credits and 'rape clause' at Scottish Parliament from 12:30 - 13:30 this Thursday 20th April, to coincide with First Ministers Questions. Info on opposing these horrific measures at
      Thursday 20th April. Basta! - After the Bolivarian Revolution, with Clifton Ross We'll screen part of a new documentary, "Yukpa: Blood on the Mountain" by Arturo Albarrán and Clifton Ross. Ross, also the author of "Home from the Dark Side of Utopia" (2016, AK Press) will talk about the break-down of 21st Century Socialism, the rightward swing in Latin America and rise of indigenous resistance throughout the continent.
      Free. All welcome. Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE), 17 West Montgomery Place EH7 5HA Thursday 20th April, 7pm – 9pm Organised by AK Press
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  1. Stop exporting weapons!
    or even better:
    Stop making them!

    Weapons do not lead humans to any victory,
    but to all their defeats.

  2. I agree with Loam, not selling weapons to one country but selling them to others seems naive and hypocritical. Are we to believe that the weapons being used in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine etc. are somehow more moral than those being used by Saudi Arabia in Yemen? Just take a glance at the cities and towns in Syria, look at the deaths in that country alone, consider the displacement of millions of ordinary people from that country, and we can point the finger at Saudi Arabia? War is murder for no other reason than power and resources, there are no moral wars carried out by any state. It is the slaughter of ordinary people for the benefit of the rich and powerful.