Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Call For Solidarity.

        A call for solidarity from Athens, as usual the state comes down hard on those who resist the state's attempted hold on the monopoly on violence.  I am sure that within the anarchist movement world wide we can raise the necessary funds for this comrade.
This from Insurrection News:
        On the night of the 6th of December a comrade was arrested during the demo and he is now accused of throwing molotov cocktails at the cops. He is now facing years in prison if he doesn’t pay the 3000 euro fine he got sentenced to by the justice. He doesn’t have the money to pay the 3000 euro bail. So we are gonna throw a solidarity party next weekend to try to raise money for the case but we are scared that there wont be enough money to be able to avoid prison for him. During the court he told the scum of a judge that he was an anarchist and that he was in Exarcheia to defend the neighborhood against the presence of the police who are only serving the interests of the rich capitalists and who are constantly attacking the poor. We need to raise the money before the 24th of December otherwise our comrade will go back to prison. We are people from the squat Rosa de Foc, we are anarchists and we need your help.To find out more information about the squat and our politics visit

To join us

We created a paypal account so people can support him PayPal.Me/george1312

Fire to the prisons! Long live the international anarchist movement!

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